Tales from the Farm

Hazy Ales: Why Unfined is Fine

9 July 2019

There are many different ingredients which can affect the taste, appearance, smell and consistency of a beer. From the huge […]

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Welcome to our New Website!

You may have noticed a few changes here and there online, where our brewery is concerned. Over the last few […]

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Ekuanot: the Second in our Single-Hopped Series has Arrived

25 April 2019

 In March, we launched Simcoe2 , the first in our series of Single-Hopped Pale Ales. The result of which was our […]

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Our New Single Hopped Pale Ale Series has Arrived: Welcome to Simcoe2

Traditional ale is our bread and butter, it’s our staple and beers like our best-selling Gold is a favourite amongst […]

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To Dry Hop, or not to Dry Hop, that is the Question

Hops are wonderous things, a flower that can be added to a boil of malt and provide a whole new […]

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